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Where others see a balance sheet and the bottom line, Amy sees the personality of business and how social changes influence management.

The Wisdom of Thoughtfulness
Stock Option Splitsville
Getting Religion on Corporate Ethics

Amy’s stories on the workplace cover the ever-changing environment.

Some Like It Hot

Start Up Needs Help: Hire Mom or Dad

An Executive’s Change of Heart on the Military

In Tough Times, a Debt Collector Sees the Pain

Your Next Boss May Be a Temp

A Help-Wanted Sign for Fraud Investigators

When She’s Ready to Retire She’ll Know

Gone, but Still Linked to the Home Office


Amy’s profiles of business leaders that explored leadership and responsiblilty through personal experience were widely read. A skilled interviewer her subjects have included John Chambers of Cisco, Reed Hastings of NetfixRichard Jalichandra of Technorati, Nicole Feld of Feld Enterprises (Ringling Brothers) and Jim Buckmaster, Craigslist and others.

Saturday Interview questions and answers with executives analyze challenges within companies and industries.

The Walgreen Company
Virgin Money
Northwestern Mutual