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Why Did She Get Hired?

July 31st, 2013 by admin in colleagues, corporate culture, jobs skills, Uncategorized

Didn’t get the job even though you were qualified? Wonder what happened? Perhaps someone else was more qualified.  It could just be a case of ” fundamental attribution error. ” The hiring manager may have used erroneous information based on attribution to give the candidate an edge.

In a new paper to be published by Plos One Inflated Applicants: Attribution Errors in Performance Evaluations by Professionals by professors at Harvard University, University of California at Berkeley and Carnegie Mellon University found professionals who are trained to evaluate performance tend to place too much emphasis on disposition and too little on situational factors. Hiring and promotions in business tend to go to those who are associated with a high-growth group, even though a specific individual in that group may be less qualified. Moral of the story–choose your team wisely.

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