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The End of Men, The Rise of Women, Not So Clear Cut

When Hanna Rosin first raised the issue of “The End of Men” in  The Atlantic  in the summer of 2010,  it certainly seemed that way. The Great Recession of 2008, was also being called the “Mancession” because of the loss of typically male jobs from construction work to finance.

By the time a book of the same title The End of Men and the Rise of Women appeared in the fall of 2012, her argument was still compelling, but the economy was turning around. Liza Mundy, now a Schwartz Fellow at the  New America Foundation weighed in with The Richer Sex.

Now researchers at the University of California at San Diego step forward to say, inequality in the service professions is still very much with us, if you define service professions as law, medicine, science and engineering. Here women still lag behind men.

While women are still earning a larger share of undergraduate degrees, and continue to make strides, it appears some service jobs are more equal than others.

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